No blinkers on 4kq

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Fri Apr 11 13:37:58 PDT 2008

Well, mine were still Sylvania or whatever they are, two to a card,
but they had the correct 2-digit and 3-digit part# that was listed in
the owner's manual.  They were way down near the floor and are part of
their "european" selection.  I took out a 1057 or some such and put in
a 67 or something like that.m  I think their "european" stuff is made
in Europe somewhere.  It costs a bit more too.


On 4/11/08, John Larson <westcoast at> wrote:
> Ed said:  "I just fixed this issue on my urq. I had a front blinker bulb
> that was the wrong type that someone jammed in there and one of the little
> pins on the bulb base broke off. I was lucky that it was the first bulb I
> checked. Went to Advanced Auto and bought the exact bulb that is spec'd in
> the owner's manual and all is well."
> Funny, I was in an Autozone store a few weeks ago, and there were 2 classes
> of bulbs:  Cheap Chinese junk (well, it would be junk if it were better) and
> expensive name brand specialty bulbs.  After determining they didn't have
> the correct tail light bulb for my '03 Jetta, I stopped by an "old line"
> local auto parts store, where they had a "Wagner" bulb to fit the
> application.  Furthermore, the name brand bulb was sold individually, rather
> in packs of 2, and was quite a bit less than half the price of the 2 pack at
> Autozone.
> In the day to day operation of my shop, I have occasion to buy from several
> of the local chain auto parts stores.  It's gotten to the point that I buy
> nothing from them other than Mobil 1, because the quality and availability
> is low, and the prices are high, despite what their advertising says.
> John

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