Next Previously Loved Audi :-) ?

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Grant, I have to agree, owning one from new. But there's the rub - if the PO didn't do the basics and also switch to the larger oil filter that Audi now recommends, well, you could have an engine that's already sludged but not showing symptoms yet. I'd want to see extensive records on any used 1.8T.

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I prefer the 1.8t. Lighter. Better economy. and the sludge issue  
simply means change the oil, whcih you should do anyway

On Apr 11, 2008, at 9:47 PM, Kent McLean wrote:

> Fay Kelley wrote:
>> I imagine I'll have only enough money,
>> $5-7K, to get something a few years newer
>> than what I have.
>> But I would like, please, to know which models
>> to stay away from and which ones have proven
>> overall to be okay Audis.
> That's a loaded question. :)
> Since you are not into modifying things for performance, I'd say stick
> with the non-turbo V6s. The 1.8 turbos have had problems with sludge.
> But the V6 gets you another A6 or downsize to an A4. IIRC, you are in
> real estate, so if you need the space for clients, that probably rules
> out the A4.
> The '98-04 A6 would be your next step. Earlier than '98 and you  
> have the
> same generation as your '95. But if an A4 fits your lifestyle, you can
> easily find them in your price range. I picked up my '99 A4 Avant last
> December for $6200.  I like it a lot.
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