Next Previously Loved Audi :-) ?

Fay Kelley iceisit at
Sun Apr 13 18:24:12 PDT 2008

>Fay Kelley wrote:
>> I imagine I'll have only enough money,
>> $5-7K, to get something a few years newer
>> than what I have.
>> But I would like, please, to know which models
>> to stay away from and which ones have proven
>> overall to be okay Audis.
>That's a loaded question. :)


>Since you are not into modifying things for performance, I'd say stick
>with the non-turbo V6s.

Ya I had a turbo in the 5000 and I'll pass.

Great performance but I don't need it.

>The 1.8 turbos have had problems with sludge.
>But the V6 gets you another A6 or downsize to an A4.

I have had a few A-4s that are new for rental
cars ... I prefer the A-6 size.

> IIRC, you are in
>real estate, so if you need the space for clients, that probably rules
>out the A4.

I have a LOT of stuff with camera equipment,
huge tennis bag, not to mention real estate stuff.

I really need the larger car.

>The '98-04 A6 would be your next step. Earlier than '98 and you have the
>same generation as your '95. But if an A4 fits your lifestyle, you can
>easily find them in your price range. I picked up my '99 A4 Avant last
>December for $6200.  I like it a lot.

Thanks so much.    98 - 04 A6 is what I'll check.

Thanks everyone else who wrote as well.

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