98 A6

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What kind of gas mileage can I expect with this?
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> John S. Lagnese wrote:
>> I am going to look at a 98 A6 Quattro automatic wagon. It has 110K with 
>> an already rebuilt tranny. There is damage to the front bumper cover and 
>> RH mirror. The radio doesn't work. Any special problem areas I should 
>> look at?
> Besides the usual "used car" issues (tires, body damage, wear on the 
> leather
> driver's seat bolster, etc.) at 110K miles that one is due for a timing 
> belt
> change. Opinions vary but...
> - The 99 A6 owners manual lists the Timing Belt Service as 90K miles.
> - The Bentley manual schedule lists the interval at 105K miles.
> - Many listers strongly suggest a 60K mile interval.
> No matter which mileage you use, that car should have had at least 1 belt
> change -- and you should see a written receipt for it.  If it was done at
> 60K miles (or 5+ years ago), it's almost be due again.
> Other expenses that would be nice to avoid by having receipts for:
> - brakes (pads, maybe rotors, and maybe even calipers)
> - suspension (tie rod ends are common wear items, maybe more common on the
>   A4; struts/shocks)
> That's the short list.  Don't be surprised if the center information 
> display
> in the cluster is missing some LEDs (or whatever they are -- horizontal 
> lines
> across the display). "They all do that."  No fix except to replace the
> cluster. $$$.  If you can live with it, use it as a bargaining point.
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