'86 5KTQ: Bad alternator/voltage regulator? UPDATE

L DC ldc007usa at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 16 08:12:59 PDT 2008

Thanks for your reply Vittorio

I have a couple of Qs to your response if you could
please clarify.

> To verify if the exciter wire is ok - you can put
> it to ground while the car is running. 

You mean disconnect that wire at alternator as suppose
to disconnect it and ground it??

If so, I disconnected it yesterday while engine was
running and asked my friend, who was sitting in the
driver's seat, to see if anything flashed in the
instrument cluster and he said nothing did. Will
double check that again to make sure.

> This should light up the Alt light on the cluster
> (nothing to do w/the icon in the screen).

I believe you mean the affixed battery icon (painted
in white) on the cluster?

Thanks again. 


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