My first "Belt" on a V6-12v , - Any Gotcha's ?

Kenn Thyrsted quattro at
Fri Apr 18 14:56:42 PDT 2008

fre, 18 04 2008 kl. 09:03 -0700, skrev John Larson:
> Get a Bentley manual if you can find one.  I don't know of any
> websites with descriptive articles on V6 belt replacement, but there's
> probably something out there ............ IMO, and I'm an Audi tech of
> 35 years experience, you really need the proper tools for
> positioning/locking the cams and the crankshaft.  There are no
> surprises lurking in there that I can recall, although reinstalling
> some of the belt cover bits can be an adventure.  Plan on a serp belt
> tensioner, they have a nasty habit of failing after they've been
> disturbed.  
> John
> Oh, BTW, I have a multi volume factory manual for that car, and I'm
> considering putting it up for sale.  Retirement beckons more loudly
> every day!

Haven't figured out wether i have to remove the crankshaft pulley, or
the plastic cover behind it can be removed ..

Can't find any Bentley covering the audi 80 1993 V6
I'd defenitley be interested, should you choose to sell the factory


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