Need Help with Brake Problem

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Sat Apr 19 08:56:32 PDT 2008

Fellow Listers -- 
I need advice/expertise in solving a problem with the brakes on my 88 5KSQ. Intermittently the brakes will fail to release after they have been applied. This condition may last for?a few minutes or the car might have to set for a day or two before they release. The problem affects all four wheels but as of late it has been having a greater impact on the drivers side front wheel than on the others. When I began working on this issue I found problems with both rear calipers, they were subsequently replaced. I?just replaced the rubber lines to all four wheels, they were in bad shape; as I was checking to see if the problem had been eliminated?I made 4 short trips of 5-10 miles each, in town,?on my way home the brakes hung up again. I've yet to check to see if they have freed up overnight. Any advice on where to look/what to repair or replaced would be greatly appreciated.
Gary Meier
86 Quantum GL5, 88 5KSQ, 91 Passat

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