Need Help with Brake Problem

Grant Lenahan glenahan at
Sat Apr 19 10:38:26 PDT 2008


 From what you say - "problem affects all four wheels" indicates that  
it has to be a common component to all 4. None of whcih you have  
dealt with.  I'm thinking master cylinder or brake booster - given that.

Or do you mean "it affects all 4 wheels, but one or two at a time" -  
which would still make me suspicious of a common cause.

Also, what has changed or been done - just befoe this all began -  
that might have been the culprit?

On Apr 19, 2008, at 11:56 AM, b1biker at wrote:

> Fellow Listers --
> I need advice/expertise in solving a problem with the brakes on my  
> 88 5KSQ. Intermittently the brakes will fail to release after they  
> have been applied. This condition may last for?a few minutes or the  
> car might have to set for a day or two before they release. The  
> problem affects all four wheels but as of late it has been having a  
> greater impact on the drivers side front wheel than on the others.  
> When I began working on this issue I found problems with both rear  
> calipers, they were subsequently replaced. I?just replaced the  
> rubber lines to all four wheels, they were in bad shape; as I was  
> checking to see if the problem had been eliminated?I made 4 short  
> trips of 5-10 miles each, in town,?on my way home the brakes hung  
> up again. I've yet to check to see if they have freed up overnight.  
> Any advice on where to look/what to repair or replaced would be  
> greatly appreciated.
> Gary Meier
> 86 Quantum GL5, 88 5KSQ, 91 Passat
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