2000 A6 2.7T brake squeal

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The goop is probably anti squeal. This is a type of glue.

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I have been away from this list for a while so this is my first post in
several years.  Not that I don't like you guys, but nothing has broken that
I couldn't figure out with the help of my trusty Bentley manual.

Last summer I finally took the plunge and traded up from my 90Q20V to a
clean 2000 A6 2.7T with 6 speed manual.  Except for the usual problems with
window lift cable attachments, failing instrument cluster display and oil
dripping on the right turbo, it has been very enjoyable.  Recently I noticed
that the front brake pads were getting thin so I decided it was time for a
brake job.  These are the heavy duty brakes with 4 pads per caliper, same as
on the Allroad and (I think) S4.  The rotors had been replaced the last time
the brakes were done and had never been turned so they cleaned up nicely and
are still well within limits.  Everything went back together with no problem
and I installed a set of pads from Blaufergnugen ("Hi-Performance Street
Brake Pads, Low Dust, No Squeal").  The problem is that they squeal like
crazy, not under hard braking but just as the car is about to stop rolling.
Actually more of a deafening screech that causes people in nearby cars to
turn around !
to se
e what is happening.  Sometimes I resort to using the hand brake to bring
the car to a complete stop.

I have taken the pads out twice and sanded them to remove the glaze.  Once
they warm up after a couple of miles and a few stops, the squeal comes right
back.  Because of the locating pins, there is only one way the pads will go
into the calipers so no question of things being assembled correctly.  I
even tightened up the metal fingers that hold the pads in place, thinking
that maybe one of the pads was chattering.  I did notice that the Bentley
refers to removing protective foil from the backing plates and that the old
pads seem to have the remains of some kind of black goop that apparently
stuck them to the pistons.  The new pads didn't have this.  Could this be my
problem?  Has anybody else encountered this?  I have done quite a few brake
jobs on various Audis over the years and I am not a novice at this but this
has me baffled.  Should I just bag it and try a different set of pads?
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