Rebuilding Front Suspension

Brian Pleet bpleet at
Mon Apr 21 19:41:14 PDT 2008

After learning shade tree mechanics on an Alfa Romeo, I'm working on 
my wife's 1990 90Q, which I've owned since new, now boasting 221k km..

I'm going to replace the torn outer CV boots, and the leaking axle 
seals, the bent and corroded control arms, ball joints and tie rod 
assembly. I noticed that the brake splash shields are corroded and I 
need to replace the brake hoses so I tried to remove the caliper from 
the hub. Only the lower bolt would move after considerable effort, 
especially since the control arms are now removed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for removing the upper bolt securing 
the caliper? I've used PB, impact wrench, regular spanners, hit it 
with a punch but the bolt will not move at all. There is little 
support for the hub and the bolt is in a very tight space to get a 
breaker bar on it.

Also, since I'll need to get an alignment anyway, is there any other 
suspension piece which should be replaced in the spirit of "you may 
as well itis"?


Brian Pleet
bpleet at 

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