Rebuilding Front Suspension

Grant Lenahan glenahan at
Wed Apr 23 15:48:15 PDT 2008

hmm. Never had a problem.

Do the upper strut bearings!!!! they last no more than 35k miles.   
But I assume you know that.

Supposedly there is an improved part sourced from the URQ that will  
actually last a few yars.

On Apr 21, 2008, at 10:41 PM, Brian Pleet wrote:

> After learning shade tree mechanics on an Alfa Romeo, I'm working on
> my wife's 1990 90Q, which I've owned since new, now boasting 221k km..
> I'm going to replace the torn outer CV boots, and the leaking axle
> seals, the bent and corroded control arms, ball joints and tie rod
> assembly. I noticed that the brake splash shields are corroded and I
> need to replace the brake hoses so I tried to remove the caliper from
> the hub. Only the lower bolt would move after considerable effort,
> especially since the control arms are now removed.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for removing the upper bolt securing
> the caliper? I've used PB, impact wrench, regular spanners, hit it
> with a punch but the bolt will not move at all. There is little
> support for the hub and the bolt is in a very tight space to get a
> breaker bar on it.
> Also, since I'll need to get an alignment anyway, is there any other
> suspension piece which should be replaced in the spirit of "you may
> as well itis"?
> Thanks,
> Brian Pleet
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