2000 A6 2.7T brake squeal

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OK, I went to my friendly local Audi dealer and bought a new set of front pads.  I had a choice of standard or anti squeal.  Obviously I went for the anti squeal.  They look like regular Bosch pads but the inner pads have a shiny metal disc that sits against the piston and the outer ones have a strip of something across the the back.  There was a bit of the 3M brake lube left on the caliper assembly so I left it there.  I have about 100 miles on the new pads.  So far, so good.  After a month of hearing the brakes scream in 3 part harmony, I have lovely silence.  I have had good luck with Blaufergnugen pads in the past, but I would suggest avoiding them for applications where you have 4 pads per caliper.  If you are willing to take a chance on them, I will make you a deal you can't refuse on a slightly used set. 

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I bought a can of the 3M brake lube. It looks like regular anti seize compound but thicker and copper colored. It didn't help a bit. If anything it is worse than ever. Guess I will pick up a new set of pads from the friendly local Audi dealer and see if those work better. I didn't have the problem with the old pads so it has to be something to do with the material the pads are made of.
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Yes. Use a synthetic, high temp lubricant everywhere two pieces come in
contact with each other (pad backing, pad ears, caliper pins, retaining
hardware, etc.). The front carriers of the A6 2.7T do not have slider pins,
but the rears do.

I use the lubricant on track driven cars (including my own), but not pure
race cars between insulating titanium backing plates and the pads
themselves. But it can be used between the insulating plates and the
calipers, as the temps there are typically under 550-600 degrees F.

My experience with the tacky/sticky products is poor.

Mark Rosenkrantz

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