rattling trunk cover in avant

Tom Winter tom at freeskier.com
Fri Apr 25 22:34:04 PDT 2008


On 4/25/08 10:52 PM, "Huw Powell" <one at humanspeakers.com> wrote:

>> In both a 5000 tqa and in my current S6 avant, I've had problems with the
>> actual plastic interior parts covering the back hatch rattling and
>> squeaking. It's most annoying, but beefing up the attachment of the plastic
>> interior to the outer metal hatch (think additional screws in strategic
>> places) worked wonders. Try duct-taping the plastic first, if that solves
>> the noise, then you can add the screws.
> In my experience, the difference between Chevrolet and Pontiac was that
> Pontiac used a higher quality plastic in their interiors.
> Chevrolet owners had forty hour weeks at the factory and were happy.
> Pontiac owners were going to night school to learn to sell car stereos.
> Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Huw - I think it was more that since with Avants, you are slamming the rear
hatch, and eventually things start to come loose after, oh, 20 years or so.

The heavy rear window shade hidden in the plastic interior of the S6 hatch
also has something to do with the clips breaking/failing after a decade + of

But, uh yeah, Chevy. Or what about Dodge? Did I ever tell you about the '68
Coronet I once owned. . . . .

Tom '95 S6 Avant

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