Control Arms Bushings R&R

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Aug 4 18:51:26 PDT 2008

L DC wrote:
> Hi Huw,
> I was browsing through your website the other day and came across your home-made tool for removing control arm bushings for Audi 4000Q/ VW QSWs, JT engine code cars.
> Does such tool also works for pressing in new bushings?
> Thanks in advance.

I think so, yes.  However, I have broken several of those bolts using 
the tool (although the first one held up for a dozen or so bushings).

The "real" tool looks like a giant C-clamp, and my "fittings" are now 
living in the box next door at Carworks with it, since they help a lot.

(You can see the process of laziness on this curve...)

I have a new control arm out in my 90Q awaiting installation - new, with 
bushings installed, was about $80.

Of course, I'll probably break the sway arm link thing unbolting it, and 
muck up the alignment reinstalling the ball joint...

Huw Powell

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