Continuing Problems 88 5KSQ

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Wed Aug 6 11:42:10 PDT 2008

Fellow listers. driveability issues continue to plague me. A brief update on the current problem. About 10 days ago I installed a new power steering pump and multi-function temp sensor, when I returned the pump core to the parts store it ran fine; on my way home when I tried to accelerate it just fell on it's face and had to be shut off before it would run again. I checked the fuel pump, changed the air filter, and tried disconnecting the O2 sensor. With the sensor unplugged it ran marginally better mut not properly. I put the car into the shop on last Monday; ther found, and replaced?a defective?O2 sensor; now they tell me that it's running way lean and they're having trouble getting the allen screw loose so that they can adjust the mixture. they said that they suspected some sort of electrical problem due to the sudden on-set of the problem but everything seems to be working properly. They have checked for vacuum leaks and can't find any. Now they are going to adjust the mixture but are having problems getting the allen bolt loose so thaty can accomplish that task. This is a small independent shop that has a very good reputation, I've been very happy with their work in the past.

I'm at a lose as to where to look. I don't understand how the mechanical adjustments to the MAF sould suddenly get out of whack. I've already spent more than the value of the car in repairs over the past 6 month; which really isn't a problem as I plan on driving it for quite some time. Any advice, hints, BTDT, solutions?will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Gary Meier

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