More Questions -- 88 5KSQ

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Aug 7 17:22:52 PDT 2008

> The saga continues. Today my mechanic told me that the position
> sensor mounted on the side of the MAF meter is bad; he says that it
> should have linear resistance but mine simply goes open. 

That's not good...

> He says that
> it does not appear to be a replaceable part.

He is correct, it's built in to the fuel distributor, removal is fairly 
destructive, and a replacement part isn't available.

> He also said in all of
> his years of working on CIS systems he had never encountered anything
> to make him check this component and does not really know how
> critical it is to the operation of the vehicle. I hope that someone
> has information on how critical this posiotion sensor is.

I don't know how critical it is, does someone with a 5k/1c want to 
unplug theirs and see how badly it makes the car run?  (I'd do it, but 
on a 90, it's kinda under the fender.

I have measured at least one that was not conituous, it had dropouts in 
a few places.  But that came out of a junk car, so who knows how it 
affected driveability?

> I would
> also appreciate any infomation on the years/models?that have a MAF
> that is interchangeable with mine. Once again the car is a 88 5KSQ;

All the CISE3 cars (87.5 coupe/88-91 or so 80Q/90/90Q, 87-? 5k) will 
have the same fuel dist. you need.

I would definitely get him to double check that it goes open, that it's 
not wiring or a measurement error.

Also I hope someone chimes in as I suggested above, by unplugging theirs.

Huw Powell

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