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In this case, I actually do care about the carfax. The car in question is a
1981 4000 5+5 and it MIGHT be my father's old car. I cant find the VIN of my
father's old car, so I want to see the registration data for it. Everything
seems to match up, right color, right options, in the right area for the guy
who bought it off my father many moons ago, etc. So, yeah, it's
...sorry... Depending on what I find, the car might get bought and restored
or bought and usedfor the 2009 BABE Rally or maybe not bought at all.

-Audiless for now
-Wanted: 1987 CGT 2.3 Triple White

On 8/11/08, Huw Powell <audi at> wrote:
> > You are right. It is a B. I changed it and I got the free version of
> > it. Looks like a 81 4000 Custom... Sorry, I dont have a open carfax...
> > Use this one instead whoever has a open carfax:  WAUBB0810BE081410
> All I saw was "WAUB".  The B is a year designation.
> At that age, who cares about carfax?  Is it rust free, or mostly rust
> free?  Everything else can be replaced (New England bias showing here!).
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