Trailer hitch continued

Rob Mocas rmocas at
Thu Aug 14 12:10:12 PDT 2008

Has anyone put a hitch on an '04 S-4 Avant?  
Any info appreciated.

Subject: Re: installing trailer hitch on C5 A6
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I got a receiver hitch put on my 2000 A6 sedan at the local U Haul dealer
for under $200.  I haven't tried pulling a trailer with it yet but it works
dandy for my bike rack.

Subject: installing trailer hitch on C5 A6

Has anyone installed a trailer hitch on a C5 A6? I found one brand, Curtis,
which requires a series of holes to be drilled with the hitch essentially
mounted to the spare tire well.
The last time I installed a hitch (on a Volvo 145 wagon), the frame was
pretapped for the hitch and the hitch mounted solidly to the frame...

Anyone have a spare hitch for a C5 wagon?


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