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It also depends on what the buyback is. When my 87 16V Scirocco got hit last 
May it was totaled. I got $2400 and kept the car. The buyback was $100. The 
new rear caliper I had recently put on was worth more than that.
Do you have collision on your car? If so, your insurance company can cover 
the damage and then they will go after the other insurance. If there's no 
collision, or so liability by your insurance company, they couldn't give a 
shit less, sadly!
You can also remember that soft tissue injuries, like a back, don't always 
show up immediately.
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>I really need some help. I have been searching the archives for something I
> know is there but can't find it.
> the Issue. My 95.5 S6A was recently totalled by the ignorance of another
> (failing to stop at a stop sign) and not (as expected) their insurance
> company is telling me the "fair market value for my car is 2700.00. now 
> yes
> my ODO says 208000 miles but EVERYTHING other than the body has less than
> 20,000 mi on it (most things under 15.) I see the car between 6500 and 
> 9400
> in NADA and they sell everyday here for between 8000 and 18000. My car was 
> a
> built 400HP monster with attention to every detail.....big reds, hap bar, 
> 2b
> coilovers, 034 coils, carillo rods, arp hard ware ti this light weight 
> that
> and damn if I can't get more from them.
> can anyone point me in the right direction, I remember this being a 
> subject
> line many times. Tanks in advance!
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