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Sensors maybe, but I'd look at injector leaking down and/or injector seals and other
airleaks.  Start with the vacuum lines and major air intake hoses as even a small leak
will do this.  If you just got the car, then a complete cleanup of the airflow sensor
and metering head is in order along with air filter change and general going over R/R
vacuum lines and rubber bits are par for the course on newly acquired 5Kt.

If CO/Mixture was "tweaked" to compensate for airleak, then you'll need to lean out
after the "fix".  A 3 (3.3 actually) mm allen wrench inserted in the hold on the airflow
sensor can be used to carefully adjust mixture.  See Bentley for procedure, but
generally getting the highest stable RPM (remove ISV) connector and O2 lead then back
off 1/4 turn clockwise toward rich.  

The seal on the throttle boddy used to adjust ilde speed is also likely aged/hardend and
leaking.  If difficult to move/remove, use PB blaster to soften up - wait a few days
then try removal again.  Same for the injector seals - they get hard and cause airleaks.

Might also be cold start injector or circuit and if the CIS temp sender is sending
incorrect signal then Cold Start injector might not fire.

Run Diagnostics - Output Tests to see if CS injector is firing - among other things.

The list goes on, but likely at this point the engine will be starting and running much


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Hi all,

Starting engine with 1986 Type Turbo Quattro, sometimes when left for longer time in
cold weather the car has to be cranked for a long time, 4 cranks each 10 seconds, then
car puffs and puffs and runs. Mechanic told me it has something to do with air intake,
and sensors. Ignition is not problem according to him. He once used a T-shaped Allen
screw to remedy problem. If temperature is 5C+ there is no problem. 

Any comments? 


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