The Old "Pentosin Substitute" Subject

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Having problems with my email, and I can't find this posting I made on the 'audifans' website, so I'm reposting.  If anyone sent a reply that bounced, please resend.  Thanks.


The subject of what fluids might and might not be acceptable substitutes for Pentosin Hydraulic Fluid (and under what conditions) has long been discussed on this list.  Furthermore, the wisdom of substituting to save $30 per can has also been heatedly debated.  One current view is that Mobil DTE-13M is close in all specs, except for extreme temperatures.  Here is a quote from another discussion forum: Here is
"Commonly used substitutes for Pentosin CHF 11S include Mobil DTE 13 M, Rykon Premium 32 from Chevron and Shell's Tellus 32T. None of these substitutes match exactly the performance specs of Pentosin--mainly in the range of temperatures where the oil will retain all its properties. Generally, if you're not using the car in ambient temperatures below something like minus 32 F (32 below zero) or above something near 120 F, these three should substitute OK. I've used the Shell product repeatedly when I've had emergency leakage from Audi PS pumps in 5k, V8 and 200 models. It's the only one I could purchase locally in a 5-gallon pail (about $40 several years ago)."
Here is the question that I have:  Years ago, someone searched through available products and came up with DTE 13M.  This is a non-synthetic based product.  Thus if anything, you'd expect it to more closely match the Pentosin CHF 7S (the non-synthetic product).  In recent years, all of the oil companies have dramatically increased their portfolio of synthetics.  Thus I'm wondering if anyone has gone back to see if there is a synthetic product that also closely matches the performance criteria of CHF 11S, perhaps even more closely than DTE-13M.  If anyone's looked at this and come to a conclusion either way, I'd be interested in hearing about your conclusions.
Thank you.

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