How The Dealer treats us...was Start of a silly season

John Cassidy jcassidy at
Mon Dec 1 17:59:45 PST 2008

Someone said:


> If Audi and VW didn't have their attitude toward supplying

This has come up many times, preaching to the choir, we love the cars,
hate the way the company treats us.>


Isn't that the truth!  I finally sent my ancient but trusty 200 20v to
pasture and purchased a "new" '01 S4 with 45kmi. It lit up the Check
Engine Light on the way home, so I decided to make an appointment for a
scan at Bozeman Audi, my first visit in at least decade.  The car looks
like new, but when I pulled up, the service advisor looked at me like I
was driving a '64 Beetle.  Told me he'd have it ready in an hour.  I
came back 90 minutes later, and once he pulled himself away to
acknowledge my presence, he said they'd be buttoning it up soon.  It was
very clear he wasn't interest in any form of small talk.  Another 45
minutes, and it was finally ready.  No, they hadn't washed it like they
do whenever I take the company Olds to the dealer.


SA:  "it says torque converter lock-up stuck"

Me:  "what does that mean?"

SA:  "New TC is $988 plus labor.  Probably $2 or $3000 total"

Me:  "It needs a new Torque converter at 45,000 miles?"

SA:  "that's what the computer says"

Me:  "Do they often fail like this?  Will a new one fail as well?  Any

SA:  "Dunno" (he didn't check for a TSB)

Me:  "I haven't noticed anything amuck.  Could there be a bad code?
Will I be causing any damage if I just keep driving it?" 

SA:  "Dunno.  Might wreck the transmission.  Might get bad gas mileage.
Would you like an appointment?"

Me:  "May I talk to a mechanic?"

SA:  They are all busy.  $58 please.


Now that's what I call Customer Service!  It's a good thing I have
Audifans to help us figure this stuff out!  Thanks for letting me vent.


John Cassidy


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