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How's the WRX?  It feels like my old CRX on steroids.  If your 
serious, look for an '08.  The HP bump is 40: 220-ish to 260-ish but 
it's just a bigger turbo.  More lag and the rpm is higher for the 
#s.  The little turbo spools up nicely and is pretty lag-less.  Don't 
know about nav (becasue I didn't want one) but there are probably a 
few out there still.  Hit the Subaru website and search each 
dealer.  Or call your local dealer and have him look up the 
inventory.  He can see NJ, PA, DE, VA and MD dealerships on one 
screen.  I do have to say that the NJ dealers I talked to weren't as 
nice as the PA dealers - and I'm not saying that just because I live 
in PA!  :-)

The one big downside is my skillset and knowledge is all 
VAG-specific.  I'm lost looking at Subaru stuff.  Anyone out there 
know if there's a VAG-COM equivalent?
Thanks for the comments on the WRX, Richard.... Did you get the 4-door or 5-door?

My son has a '99 Impreza 2.5 RS (predecessor of the WRX) so we've spent some time on various Subaru
forums looking for assistance with CELs, etc. There are some good ones, but they tend to be more youth-oriented
(that's a nice way to say 'ricer'. ;-) so a lot of the discussions center around which 'cold air' intake is best and who
makes the best 'carbon fiber' body parts. www. rs25.com is a good resource, although not sure whether they have a 
forum for the latest Rex yet. www.ultimatesubaru.org is another good site.

Dan D
'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
Central NJ USA

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