Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Wed Dec 3 09:10:35 PST 2008

Diesel is for VW what Quattro is for Audi or turbo for Saab : a way to
differentiate itself from the rest, nothing more. I think these guys choose
a technology, stay to it, and sell it in as many ways they possibly can.
Subaru do the same with the boxer-AWD thing too. And remember that these
players are not volume sellers, so they must keep their message focused, and
grab a certain type of customers. They don't want to please everyone à la

As for the Diesel-Audi missing link here in North America (for now, as TDI
will be in the 2010 Q7), I think they have enough success like they are now,
that investing in diesel will blurr the message. Now, if diesel do come
strong in the future, then every manufacturer will offer diesel engines, but
the selling argument will be similar to the 4 cylinder/V6 debate, a choice
among others. 


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Does anyone wonder why Audi exports so many gas powered vehicles,
whilst its cousin, VW is big on diesel again?  Heck, other than the
5000 and if I recall, the 4000 those were the only diesel cars we got.

Danton J.A. Cardoso

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