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Wed Dec 3 11:53:54 PST 2008

What do you mean, like the 300SDL or the 300TDT?  Mercedes has always
equipped their full line with diesels, albeit, many of them don't make it
to this side of the Atlantic thanks to testing requirements.  In euroland
maybe 8 out of 10 cars are diesel, depending on the country.  There are
also many an oddball we never get here, a friend bought a consular
190SDL, an anemic 190D coupled to a manual 3 speed in a fully optioned
126 body.
If resale for TDI's is anything like the Diesel Mercedes, I'll take it. 
I turn down weekly un$oliced offers for my '87 300TDT.
In an effort to court Mercedes diesel buyer, Lincoln offered a BMW turbo
diesel equipped Mark VII in the mid 80's, with less than impressive
"God's a kid with an ant farm. He's not planning anything."

"Danton J.A. Cardoso" <djacardoso at gmail.com> writes:
> and luxury, and some are oil burners.  Mercedes has their 
> "workhorses"
> diesel powered-240 and 300D.  However, what about the 400 SEL and
> 300SEL?

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