Dealer Treatment II

mccohens at mccohens at
Thu Dec 4 03:10:24 PST 2008

A friend and non poster called me last night very upset with his dealer.? A 2005?A4 with about 30K miles was at the dealer with failed coils.? The service manager told him they failed because he got the engine wet and the coils shorted and failed.? He did detail the engine a week earlier and misted then wiped down the engine with a detailing spray.? According to him about a half pint was sprayed over the whole engine, then wiped off.? I know this guy and he takes care of his stuff.? 
Anyway the service manager is denying the warranty because the failure was caused by "spraying the engine compartment with water".? Bill is around $400.
I am sure others have had the coils fail on these engines, anyone else have similar issues with the dealer?

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