Diesel Debate

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Hi Bill!

Maybe my focus is different from a lot of listers, but the big diesel
benefit that I see is in the larger cars.

Top Gear did an episode where the BMW 5 series diesel they tested (I think
something like a 520d) achieved better fuel economy all around compared to a
Prius, when driven "normally."

They also had a Jaguar XJ diesel that achieved a 750+ mile range on one tank
of fuel and made it from Basel to Blackpool and an A8 diesel that went from
London to Edinburgh and back on one tank.

Given our limited choices, what I want is a ML320 Bluetec- 20+ mpg in a big
SUV is very impressive. It can tow 7500 lbs., definitely big enough to tow
an open trailer with a Miata. The GL is a little too big to live with on a
daily basis.


On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 11:52 PM, William Magliocco
<magliocc at rocketmail.com>wrote:

> While it is true that the TDI product is considered a VW product here in
> the states, isn't it true that the TDI engine was initially offered in the
> Audi line over in Europe?
> Here in the US, VW launched the TDI in the '96 Passat, which was the top of
> the line VW offered in the US at the time.  To me, the Phaeton was an
> aberration.
> I think the biggest problem right now is that Diesel is selling for over
> 50%, $1.00 per gallon MORE than regular unleaded, or about 70 cents per
> gallon than premium unleaded here in Atlanta.  Sure, you can crunch the
> numbers to prove the TDI is still cheaper to drive, but that is often lost
> to the unwashed masses.
> Then again, who would have thought RUG would have gone from $4.00/gallon to
> $1.60/gallon in under 90 days?
> Bill M.
> Atlanta
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