Diesel Debate

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However, there are range benefits, and environmentally, since less HC's are
burned, less CO2 is emitted per mile travelled. If bio-fuels could be made
more viable (on a cost/storage/tranport basis, the later two are essentially
in place) it could potentially make break even reasonable. FWIW, at least
according to Car and Driver, there is apparently a Federal incentive for
diesel vehicles of $1300 , although I haven't looked into the details about
it. Not sure if that moves the break even point in significantly enough to
make it worth it for most of us.

LL - NY- not shopping for anything anyway

On 12/4/08, Michael McLaughlin <mcloffs at mac.com> wrote:
> I generally think the U.S. market is ripe for a diesel revival, but
> one factor that could ruin it is the price of fuel. Where I live
> (Spokane, Wash.), diesel has consistently been at least a dollar more
> per gallon than premium unleaded. I recently ran some numbers at
> fueleconomy.gov using the price of fuel locally, and none of the
> diesel vehicles I plugged in (a couple Mercedes-Benzes and a Jetta)
> were more economical fuelwise than their gas counterparts.
> -Mike
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