Dealer Treatment II quattro Digest, Vol 62, Issue 15

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Thu Dec 4 11:28:01 PST 2008

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> Where does this Audi service writer think the rain water goes on the
> highway at 70 MPH?


That service manager/ monkey-lad is an a$$hole like most of them at stealerships.

That's a bull$hit excuse they're giving him and unless he can prove is a common failure, say, as when water from rain or the like gets in, he's out a few hundred bucks until the next time it happens again.

For comparison the OLD with the New:

I have an '85 VW QSW---JT code engine. While cruising in the highway in heavy rain it starts loosing power until it comes to a stop and engine shuts down.

Last time it happened, yes under heavy rain, I popped the hood open to check things out. A couple of minutes later wiggling connections to sensors (not many) I came across the WOT sensor and when I "clicked" it, the problem went away.

I zip-tied it and continued my 55-mile commute to work.


And the best part of it all, NO annoying check-engine light to bother with!!

Also, do you know how many times I've WASHED, HOSED down or detailed this car's engine with or without engine running??

I've lost count.




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