Dealer Treatment II quattro Digest, Vol 62, Issue 15

George Selby gselby4x4 at
Thu Dec 4 12:40:52 PST 2008

At 03:00 PM 12/4/2008, you wrote:
>Also, do you know how many times I've WASHED, HOSED down or detailed 
>this car's engine with or without engine running??
>I've lost count.

I had an 86 Coupe many years ago, ran fine the entire time I owned 
it.  When I sold it, I decided to wash off the engine the day before 
the guy came to pick it up.  Bad mistake.  The engine would hardly 
start, and I had to go change the cap, rotor and plug wires just to 
get it started.  It still didn't run like it used too, had a stumble, 
poor acceleration.  Fortunately for me, the guy still bought it.

George Selby 

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