Dealer Treatment II

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Dec 4 14:23:05 PST 2008

>> Also, do you know how many times I've WASHED, HOSED down or detailed 
>> this car's engine with or without engine running??
>> I've lost count.
> I had an 86 Coupe many years ago, ran fine the entire time I owned 
> it.  When I sold it, I decided to wash off the engine the day before 
> the guy came to pick it up.  Bad mistake.  The engine would hardly 
> start, and I had to go change the cap, rotor and plug wires just to 
> get it started.  It still didn't run like it used too, had a stumble, 
> poor acceleration.  Fortunately for me, the guy still bought it.

Yeah, there's quite a few things under there you don't want to get water 
in.  Like the dizzy cap.  And lots of poorly sealed connectors.

Cleaning and sealing them all up with silicone grease helps a lot.  Most 
"engine washing instructions" tell you to at least put a plastic bag 
over the dizzy (you remember, back when car engines used mechanical 
"distributors" to send the spark from one coil to the various plugs...)

My old 83 5kt once choked down to a stop driving in heavy rain and 
puddles.  Luckily I had plenty of battery and it fired back up after 
15-20 minutes of random cranking attempts.

Huw Powell

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