K04-15 turbo for A4 1.8t

John Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Thu Dec 4 19:49:17 PST 2008

Todd Rountree wrote:
> The stock K03 turbo on my 2002 A4 1.8t is on it's way out, so the
> logical upgrade for me is a K04-15. I can't stomach the $999 retail
> price on a new one, so if someone has a gently used turbo sitting
> around, I'd love to take it off your hands. No worn out crap please,
> this is for my daily driver.
> Thanks!
> -Todd

Sorry, I'm feeling sarcastic today, but why does it seem to me like "gently 
used" and "turbo" should not be in the same sentence??

-Cody Forbes 

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