CC Channel 11 voltage

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Mon Dec 8 07:54:29 PST 2008

The voltage is that supplied to the CC system.  The amount of load applied
by the CC system will affect the measurement at this point ... the blower is
probably the most significant load, you should expect it to change as the
speed of the fan changes.  I would recommend that you can use it as a quick
reference if you suspect something is wrong, not as an absolute reference

It is rather unusual to see it at a constant voltage. And perhaps this means
something is wrong internally.  You might want to try checking with the
ignition on but the engine not running to see if it shows something less
than 12V.  You might also want to load and unload the charging system ...
headlights, brake lights, air conditioner, etc. to see if that causes the
readings to change.  

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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My '91 200 TQA voltage gauge shows anywhere from 12.5 to 14V (best guess,
since it is not well marked).  On time I'll start the car and it will
show 12.5V.  Then next time it will read 14V (which I'd like to think
is "normal"). I haven't driven the car enough to see 14V initially
dropping to 12.5 (as though the battery were being charged). Using the
Climate Control (CC) Channel 11 shows voltage steady at 12.0 V no matter
what the instrument cluster gauge says.

Is that 12.0 V at the CC head or is it what I should see at my battery?
(Which I haven't had a chance to check.)  Should I be seeing 12.5 to
13.0 V (or more) on the CC Channel 11 to be happy?

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