CC Channel 11 voltage

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Mon Dec 8 17:19:30 PST 2008

urq wrote:
> The voltage is that supplied to the CC system.  The amount of load applied
> by the CC system will affect the measurement at this point ... the blower is
> probably the most significant load, you should expect it to change as the
> speed of the fan changes.  I would recommend that you can use it as a quick
> reference if you suspect something is wrong, not as an absolute reference
> though.  
> It is rather unusual to see it at a constant voltage. And perhaps this means
> something is wrong internally.  You might want to try checking with the
> ignition on but the engine not running to see if it shows something less
> than 12V.  You might also want to load and unload the charging system ...
> headlights, brake lights, air conditioner, etc. to see if that causes the
> readings to change.  

I'll give those a try.  Thanks for all the suggestions, folks.

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