Frozen Doors Shut

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First time ever saw Zymöl, something everyone should know about.






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Zymol makes a product for the rubber door gaskets which works well and
there's a BMW product that also works well (name eludes me at the moment),
but you can go to any pharmacy and buy a bottle of glycerine for a few
bucks.  Wipe that on the seals with a rag.  Repeat if necessary.


Will last for 3-4 months, is cheap, and is effective in stopping squeaks and
sticking.  One little bottle will probably last a few years.  And this helps
soften the rubber... something silicone won't do.  The current owner of my
old GTiVR6 (with big, heavy doors) had one complaint about the car... the
doors were squeaking.  He drives about 2 hours every day on secondary roads
travelling between work and home.  Lubricating the seals (which he now does
every few months) solved 90% of it.  New striker plates solved the other 10%
and he's once again in love with the car.


Mark Rosenkrantz

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Hi all,

When it is freezing outside the Type 44 Turbo Quattro's doors can't open, it
seems to be clinging at the front edge, seems to be opening by rear edge of


I leave it. I don't want to pull too hard, just some light force to open..

I remove all the snow on windows so there is possibility of sun's rays
warming car inside.


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