Bailout Plan - new idea (OT)

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Last I knew, almost $2000.00 of EVERY car sold from the big 3 went to
retirement costs.  That's a huge number.  And few people blame the unions?
Do people not understand that the unions did scale back, but still demand
"job banks?"  If there's no job for a union employee, they get (almost)
FULLY PAID (and with FULL benefits) to show up and sit for the day (or week,
or month, or year).  Look it up- they literally sit around reading and
chatting.  And at a burdened labor cost of $75-$125 per HOUR for a union
employee... its no wonder the big 3 are in such situations.  The foreign
makes (which even in this country aren't unionized) don't have the same
legacy or current costs.  Any bankruptcy judge would slash those
contracts... something the union (Ron Gettelfinger) is desperate to have not
I think the UAW agreed to drop the job bank in their latest round of concessions, as part of their effort
to get the bailout for the Big Three.

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