bailout plan -- new idea (OT)

Lee Levitt lee at
Thu Dec 11 08:13:45 PST 2008

Why throw good money after bad.

GM is irrelevant. Buyers have voted them out of office and off the 
island. They are the weakest link.

Putting money into GM is just postponing the inevitable.

Chrysler is another problem child. They have almost no presence 
outside the US. Their long-term prognosis is not good. What do 
people really need to buy from Chrysler, other than minivans?

So here's my recommendation.

Sell the "interesting" parts of GM and Chrysler to Ford. The 
Corvette, an American icon, should transfer. Maybe the Chrysler 
minivan. What else? Um, er...I can't come up with anything else 
that's unique and compelling.

Launch a new company and transfer the appropriate assets 
(manufacturing capacity) to this new company, owned by the 
taxpayers and operated by a new mgt team. Retool for production of 
solar panels.

This will put people to work in construction and retooling and 
retain American jobs for products we want/need. The significant 
increase in production will drive costs down for solar panels and 
help to alleviate our dependence on oil.

Call it General Solar.

Just my .02.


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