Nac -Clarion 9170 wiring

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Thu Dec 11 08:48:24 PST 2008

 hey ben there's really no magic to it, the 3 sets of rca's are in fact,
front, rear and non-fading sub level preouts. this way the subwoofer level
is not effected by front / rear fading. typically the radio has a seperate
level control built in fot that preout / sub channel. very nice feature. 99
out of 100 times all aftermarket radio co's use the same color coding
scheme. if you go to the local shop and flip thru a manual for a kenwood,
alpine, whatever i bet you'll get there. i installed these for a while and
they had great features, 2 year warranty but never proved to be very
reliable so i wouldn't sink any/much $ into it.

as for the wired outputs, usually it's yellow - constant:12v, red: switched
12v, blue: amp turn on [12v output signal], black: ground. many newer /
higher end radios have other outputs for powered antenna lead [usually
purple], illumination [orange maybe?], and to remotely power on your coffee
maker. the speaker leads are normally grey / white [front left/right] and
purple / green [rear left/right]. i forget which is which but that's easy
enough to test for [hook the radio up to the battery , rca your ipod into
it, and start testing things and measuring outputs].

the changer cable will be proprietary but with enough time and patience you
can make one if need be with digikey parts [wont be pretty, will work].

hope that helps. whatever you do.. don't cross the streams!

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> Subject: Nac -Clarion 9170 wiring
> NAC - Searching the web for this, but so far not finding what I'm looking
> for and since
> there may be someone here with similar system:
> I need wiring info/diagram for old but good Clarion ARX 9170 - other
> similar models may
> be close enough to give a clue.  This one has CD changer control, tape and
> sound subunit
> control.
> There are three RCA outs - black, violet and grey  and one must be lead to
> the sound
> controller sub-unit that splits sound and equalizes.  Right now I have
> absolutly no info
> on this otherwise nice stereo, so perhaps some BTDT on this or 9270 or
> similar model.
> Thanks..Ben

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