No spark

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Thu Dec 11 12:29:25 PST 2008

try checking for fault codes if you can

Possible suspects include crank position sensor, RPM sensor, hall sender
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> Hi,
> My 91 200 TQ 20V with about 140K has no spark. My kid was driving it and
> he said it just stalled and wouldn't restart. He had it towed back. It
> started once, went to 1500 rpm and died.
> I changed the cap and rotor with new Bosch parts, and replaced the plugs
> with Autolite double platinum. (What I had been using.) 
> Still no start, so I checked and found no spark from the coil wire. The
> coil checked out to Bentley spec. There was also 12V to the coil.
> What would be some other likely suspects?
> John
> I just had the timing belt changed within 1000 miles.
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