Nac -Clarion 9170 wiring

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hey ben i don't have one or any literature, i did install them for a couple
years, but that was many moons ago.

if it does not have speaker outs then i bet it's an 8v preout unit [most are
2, some 4, higher-end, pre-out only stuff is usually 8v]. this may account
for the overdriving of the amp - does the amp have a line/rca input
selector? or the radio may be faulty. if the amp is set properly, and
everything is working correctly, you should get good sound, the 8v preout
will just mean the gains can be set relatively low on the amp. try taking
the signal processor thing out of the loop to determine if that's faulty.

it should be very easy to tell which is front and rear running preout to amp
and using the balance control - IIRC the clarions had a squareish
joystick-type button that controlled fade and balance, but i'm pretty rusty.
if you can't


IME used car stereo is either broken or about to break. it lives a tough
life in a very tough enviroment.

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 8:38 PM, Ben Swann <benswann at> wrote:

>  Jim,
> Do you have one(9170 or 9270).  I was trying to figure out what of the RCA
> sets was F, R and controller.  I think I've go it figured out, but seems the
> F and R ones are so hot they overdrive any AMP I put them on - almost like
> they are line out level and I should wire directly to speakers - that is RCA
> cable with one end cut off using those leads to the speaker.  Would be nice
> if Clarion posted the obsolete unit manuals, but these are no where to be
> found.
> One of the sets of RCA's seems to do the trick when chaneeled through the
> digital controller box - mixes single signal to F, R and Sub as well
> aproviding a bunch of effects.  There are no direct speaker outs as far as I
> can tell - this unit channels all output through RCA connectors  the three
> sets  I assume one for front, one for rear and one for digital signal
> control.
> I seem to be getting a lot of clipping with the unit, but probably with
> inadequate powere feeds - testing system layout on a bench prior to
> installing in vehicle.
> If you by chance have any manuals or info on this or similar model, it
> would be helpful.  I am also trying to figure out what all the different
> button controls do.  So far I am able to make the unit run the 20 disk CD
> changer, tape and radio, and rand three separate amps - front rear, and
> subwoof via digital control unit.  Would be nice to be able to power second
> set of front and rear's off the other outputs.  I still don't know if the
> thing fades properly front and rear - too much flakyness with the controls
> and test amps/wiring to tell for sure.
> Not pumping any more money into the system - on the contrary, I had the
> system and want to use it since it would be perfect for a '91 200Q I'm
> doing.
> Thanks,
> Ben
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>  hey ben there's really no magic to it, the 3 sets of rca's are in fact,
> front, rear and non-fading sub level preouts. this way the subwoofer level
> is not effected by front / rear fading. typically the radio has a seperate
> level control built in fot that preout / sub channel. very nice feature. 99
> out of 100 times all aftermarket radio co's use the same color coding
> scheme. if you go to the local shop and flip thru a manual for a kenwood,
> alpine, whatever i bet you'll get there. i installed these for a while and
> they had great features, 2 year warranty but never proved to be very
> reliable so i wouldn't sink any/much $ into it.
> as for the wired outputs, usually it's yellow - constant:12v, red: switched
> 12v, blue: amp turn on [12v output signal], black: ground. many newer /
> higher end radios have other outputs for powered antenna lead [usually
> purple], illumination [orange maybe?], and to remotely power on your coffee
> maker. the speaker leads are normally grey / white [front left/right] and
> purple / green [rear left/right]. i forget which is which but that's easy
> enough to test for [hook the radio up to the battery , rca your ipod into
> it, and start testing things and measuring outputs].
> the changer cable will be proprietary but with enough time and patience you
> can make one if need be with digikey parts [wont be pretty, will work].
> hope that helps. whatever you do.. don't cross the streams!
> ;-)
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> > NAC - Searching the web for this, but so far not finding what I'm
> > looking for and since there may be someone here with similar system:
> >
> > I need wiring info/diagram for old but good Clarion ARX 9170 - other
> > similar models may be close enough to give a clue.  This one has CD
> > changer control, tape and sound subunit control.
> >
> > There are three RCA outs - black, violet and grey  and one must be
> > lead to the sound controller sub-unit that splits sound and equalizes.
> > Right now I have absolutly no info on this otherwise nice stereo, so
> > perhaps some BTDT on this or 9270 or similar model.
> >
> > Thanks..Ben
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