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Sat Dec 13 12:53:04 PST 2008

The rotor is turning.
The fault code is 2234. The Bentley suggests that this code may occur if
the engine has not been cranked. After cranking, I couldn't get the
fault code to flash.
I did finally get the engine to catch. I was cranking (see last
sentence) and the engine caught a bit. 
It did eventually start, but would only run at 2k or higher. There was
also an odd squeal from the passenger side of the engine as it was
catching. I don't know if this has any connection. This no idle
situation seems to go along with the numerous suggestions of a timing
belt that may have jumped. I will probably have the mechanic who changed
it to check it out on Monday unless there are any other suggesting.

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Would a bad hall sensor do that?

Vittorio -

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My 91 200 TQ 20V with about 140K has no spark. My kid was driving it and
he said it just stalled and wouldn't restart. He had it towed back. It
started once, went to 1500 rpm and died.

I changed the cap and rotor with new Bosch parts, and replaced the plugs
with Autolite double platinum. (What I had been using.) 

Still no start, so I checked and found no spark from the coil wire. The
coil checked out to Bentley spec. There was also 12V to the coil.

What would be some other likely suspects?


I just had the timing belt changed within 1000 miles.

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