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> new issue is that the water temp gauge is flaky - shows just a
> little temperature, climbs to just above cold, then drops to nothing
> again - When it does this - the car will stumble a little on 1st gear
> start up. I suspect the water temp sender on the cooling hose flange
> attached to the block.

The small sensor on TOP of the cooling hose flange is the temperature sender for the temp gauge in the instrument cluster.

The other sesor, a little bigger, UNDER the cooling hose flange is the coolant temperature sensor, which tells the computer to richen or lean the fuel mixture, I believe.

You must a a semi-loose connection if car "stumbles a little" on first gear + Vibration. If pull the harness connection the fuel mixture will richen to the point that the engine will stumble and stall to a stop, BTDT.



> However, there's also a temp sensor on the same flange below that and
> one on the radiator. I think the one on the radiator is for the fan 


> not sure what the one on the flange is for?

Coolant temperature sensor for ECU--Read above
> Thanks,
> Vittorio -


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