[Marketplace] Parts: Talk About Audacity!

Brett Dikeman quattro at frank.mercea.net
Sun Dec 14 21:42:05 PST 2008

On Dec 14, 2008, at 10:08 PM, urq wrote:

> I'm subscribed to the marketplace list ... I see far more illegal  
> posts by
> people who were not providing any identification (or blatantly false
> information) than I ever saw ads posted by Glen.  In my book the  
> others are
> the ones who should be castigated ... or at least receive as much  
> public
> discouragement as you are giving to Glen.  If this Steve person is  
> the sole
> culprit I consider his behavior to be far more egregious and deserving
> corrective measures of some sort.
> Perhaps you can explain to us all how any list member can take an  
> issue up
> with someone who deliberately posts ads without any proper  
> identification.
> I have posted complaints about my frustration with this person (or  
> these
> people) on and off line and gotten zero response.

I'm not going to get dragged into this little mudfest between a couple  
of you.

We can't monitor or police you all, read every post, or notice every  
complaint posted to the lists.  I was routinely castigated by  
'respectable' members of the lists when I did remind people of some  
basic rules or enforce them (amusingly enough, a good example was when  
I routinely reminded people of the no-for-sale-ads-to-the-lists rule.)

You got what you wanted.

I try to respond to the complaints I get.  Two people complained about  
Glen's post within a day or two.  I don't recall any from you in  
recent memory.  I'm not very interested in getting flooded with  
complaints from people about minor things or one-off's.

Again: contact the person privately. If that doesn't work and they're  
really being a pain, email Dan, Mark, or myself.  Hint: our email  
addresses are not "quattro at audifans.com"

In the meantime, I know Mark has been working on an improved version  
of the marketplace in his spare time, but being a professor and having  
a young son means his days are pretty busy.


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