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Mon Dec 15 07:48:52 PST 2008

Those who couldn't make the National "event" & meeting missed some nice 40-73 degree weather for the three days at Daytona.

I'm glad to say that my personal experience running the 200 20V for a few laps was a success.

While the suspension wasn't up to snuff (spring rate & body roll) for the infield course - think road course turn 3 - the car ran the oval well soaking up the ripples along the way around the ~31 degree banking.

This was the same configuration as the 24 hr course.

All this was possible from fellow Audifan: Mr. Besso.

Mark drove the 200 and all my tools & parts (which I didn't need) the ~ 1100 miles down to the track and is currently enroute returning to New England stopping along the way for some exploration.? Mark and several others offered within hours of my adventure post and Mark and I traded cars for the weekend.? 

I am extremely grateful for the ability to have the car there for the event.

For the old schoolers here, I saw a 90 coupe, 4000 20V conversion amongst the R8's (5-6 of them), numerous Corvette and Porsches and a few Mustangs & Ferraris.? Several specialty track cars were also present which Mark and I will have plenty of photo links to in the later part of the week.

Those following the ACNA elections & the proxy vote, I and others will have a better update on the Audiworld forums.

The National Annual meeting was held in the infield media center building and attended by ~20-25 people.

Approximately 8 - 10 called in by phone.? As of Thursday there wasn't notice for the meeting on the ACNA website:

Initially there were only 4 BoD members so a quorum wasn't met until three others phoned in by conference call.

The BoD initially considered the meeting informational, even after a quorum was met, however representatives from both the Chicagoland and North Atlantic ( clubs provided Bylaws references to establish that the meeting was able to conduct business, and first on the new business - agenda - was the elections.

The cliff notes:

We said to rescind and redo the election.

We presented the proxies and the ACNA Bylaws that the Annual meeting was able to conduct business.

Dean (Treadway) and John (Horner) opened a motion to consider the issue of the election.  I thank them for taking this step.

They (the ACNA BoD) said they had voted on this twice before and didn't think a third vote was needed.

The ACNA BoD realized that the process wasn't done well and needs to be
(in so many words from my memory) standardized and improved upon.

But this will start at the next election process.

Dean felt the blank ballots were overcome by those receiving them
calling into National to get replacement ballots. 
A (second) member present
confirmed he too, got a blank ballot.

Mary (Ayers) pledged to address this and to start the healing process moving
forward, which became the wrap up theme. Meeting adjourned around 7:PM

Unoffical notes:

The 2007 BoD winner had 420 votes, making the ballot returns more than 420 as some didn't vote for him.

I overheard the figure for this years INCLUDED in the QQ; ballot
returns, to be in the 2-300 region. Not sure if this is official.

A far more precise and better update coming soon.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

-Scott by BOSTON

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