Mass Air Flow sensor ?

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Mon Dec 15 11:17:48 PST 2008

There is some spray stuff that you can get at an auto parts store that is
called MAF cleaner or something like that.  Don't use anything else as the
MAF is very sensitive and other sprays may do harm to it.

I don't know where the MAF is on your car or how difficult it might be to
get to it.  Did he show you where it is?  If not, hopefully someone else on
the list will be able to direct you better or send a pic. 

Just for the hell of it, check you oil dipstick and make sure it's inserted
all the way into its tube, check the oil filler cap and make sure its
tightened down properly, and check the fuel filler cap and make sure its
also seated and tightened properly.  Maybe it's something easy like those

If the dipstick and oil filler cap are loose that would cause a vacuum leak.
The fuel filler cap would probably only cause a CE light and not make the
car run any differently.


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> >Did the tech reset the check engine light back then or has 
> it been on 
> >ever since?
> he reset it ...
> >If he reset the CE light, then this fault could be something else 
> >entirely. You really need to get the fault codes to see 
> what's wrong.  
> >It may not be the MAF.
> >
> >Ed
> Can't afford to drive there this month ...
> Can I safely clean the MAF sensor ?
> F.
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