Mass Air Flow sensor ?

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> Hi   --  When I had my car about a month the check engine light went
> on and I took my car to Phoenix and they ran codes and said it
> pointed to MAF.

Every time codes are read, I'd ask for a printout.  Then, if you need a
second opinion, go to
yahoogroups at VAG-COM dot com,
post them and ask for advice.

My car is now running poorly, missing and lacking power.

These are symptoms of a bad or dirty MAF, BTDT but it could b something
else.  To check, unplug the MAF - if it runs better (smoother), it is the

   Of course
> the check engine light is on, and now sometimes it blinks.

When it blinks, the engine should not be run.  It is a PITA to run anyway.

Can the MAF be cleaned and put back in, or must I order a new one and
> replace it?

Pple claim to have successfully cleaned it, no BTDT myself.  I'd be very
gentle and careful - spray or use a Q-tip with alcohol.  It is just a wire,
if broken you WILL need a new 1.

If I can clean it where is it located?

Between the air filter and the intake manufold, likely on pass. side of your
engine. Got to autohausaz dot com to see a pic of it.

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