4k door differences?

Stephen Arbaugh sneekerz at comcast.net
Mon Dec 15 19:45:26 PST 2008

Hi folks; I have an '86 4kq, and something broke in the right front door so
it no longer opens. It's been iffy lately when opening from the outside,
sometime it would open, sometimes not. Last night, I tried to open it from
the inside, and something definitely broke or (hopefully) popped loose, the
lever is loose and I hear one of the rods rattling around. I'm going to try
to get the door open and taken apart, but if I need to start looking for
parts, are there any differences from the early 4k's to later ones in the
doors, or are they all the same? 


Any wisdom shared re: door mechanisms is greatly appreciated. 



'86 4kcsq

Kent, WA

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