4k door differences?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Dec 15 21:47:29 PST 2008

Anyone feel free to correct me, but I think the lock/latch mechanism 
never changed from 1980 - 1987.

Stephen Arbaugh wrote:
> Hi folks; I have an '86 4kq, and something broke in the right front door so
> it no longer opens. It's been iffy lately when opening from the outside,
> sometime it would open, sometimes not. Last night, I tried to open it from
> the inside, and something definitely broke or (hopefully) popped loose, the
> lever is loose and I hear one of the rods rattling around. I'm going to try
> to get the door open and taken apart, but if I need to start looking for
> parts, are there any differences from the early 4k's to later ones in the
> doors, or are they all the same? 
> Any wisdom shared re: door mechanisms is greatly appreciated. 
> Steve
> '86 4kcsq
> Kent, WA
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