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One of the other nice things about Rod's operation was that his parts
catalog was pretty well
a complete (as far as what he stocked) ETKA, with Audi P/N's as well as his
stock #'s, and how
parts related to one another (without images, however). He was also a
pleasure to deal with.

As far as I know, his Volvo arm (was it IPD?) may still be in operation.
Perhaps Lee would know.


On 12/16/08, auditodd at <auditodd at> wrote:
> I believe The Parts Connection disappeared right around 3-1/4 years ago.
> How can I date it so well?
> It was right around the time that I traded in my '93 90S for my current car
> (non-Audi).
> When I realized Rod and The Parts Connection were gone, I felt a bit of
> relief that the 90S was gone.
> The 'stealership' is just too expensive. Although I have to say that I
> almost wish Rod had added a little more profit to his sales and stayed in
> business.
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