ignition problems (i think) somebody please help!!!!

donald grady audilvr at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 17 09:33:44 PST 2008

i'm driveng an '88 90 quattro 5 cyl.this problem has been escalating for a while and now the car is not driveable. it started out that the engie will cut out at 3000 rpm kind of like a rev limiter.i found if the fuel meter on the front of the cis fuel meter is unplugged, the car will run fine...but the onboard computer goes to all zero's when 3000 is reached. i've tried swapping just about everything i can think of but i can't finnd the problem and now tthe car won't idle or run properly. it surges stalls and backfires(blew the side out of the muffler when it backfired).i'm at a loss and running in circles.if anyone thinks they can help, please do. 

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